The Q + A Series

A few weeks ago, right before we took a short vacation to the coast, we posted to Instagram and asked what you all want to know more about...and we said we'd answer in our Stories. Nearly eighty questions later, and we realized that posting them to our Stories would mean that many of you might miss the responses, and several of the questions asked required more in-depth answers than a quick video would allow. So instead, we've been sorting through the questions over the past few weeks, grouping like-questions together, and writing out our responses so they can live right here on the blog always, and for anyone to sort through at anytime, with ease. 


We'll start our new Q + A series off right here, and answer a few in this post. Outside of parallel questions, we are responding in chronological order. Sit tight if you asked your question later in the comment thread! We're working through them all as quickly as we can. Maintaining the blog regularly is tough with our renovation schedules (we're still renovating two, ours and the client's, simultaneously), but we're working to produce more content for you all while still finding balance between work and family/life. 

The posts can be accessed easily by clicking the Q + A Series link in the sidebar, and if you want to ask a question to be featured in the series, please submit your question via our contact form, right here, with 'Q + A Series' in the subject line so we don't miss it. 

Q. The art pieces you choose are always perfection! Where do you source them, or do your clients just have impeccable taste and have already acquired them over the years?!

A. We’ve only had one client project thus far where I was actually able to style using the clients’ art pieces (Isla), and it was really fun to go through their collection and pull out pieces that would look lovely with the finished space. Otherwise, any other artwork that you might have seen is in our own spaces, and all of that Kate has sourced from antiquing and thrifting over the years, or it’s art we’ve created ourselves. The key to seeking out these pieces is to keep your eyes peeled. We have quite the collection of one-of-a-kind large-scale pieces in storage, but brought along several small-scale favorites. 

Q. Where do you typically park when you’re staying in one place for more than a couple days?

A. This is really dependent on where we are and what we’re needing to do. Currently, we are parked on a farm in Arizona for our current client renovation. It's far from idyllic, but it allows us to homeschool and not seek out childcare while working full-time on site. 

When traveling freely, which we don’t get to do very often because of our work, we prefer boondocking (dry camping in remote locations). BLM land is our preference - seeing the stars, letting our dogs run freely, 360-degree views, and being all alone and feeling small - there’s no better feeling.

Sometimes we like to be close to friends and family in cities, and parking becomes more of an issue. Sometimes we’ll driveway park if we can. A good example of tough parking is in Southern California: in Dana Point, we’ll head down to the beach during the day and leave at night to go sleep in a parking lot, just to be right on the water and have the comfort of home with us, and it’s much cheaper than the adjacent campground where beach view sites are super pricey. 

We rarely stay in RV parks, though they are nice from time to time. Last summer, when traveling with some friends, we all wanted to run our AC and get in a pool and be able to catch up on work comfortably and do laundry. We rented side-by-side sites for a week in an RV park outside of San Diego and were able to get through the 107-degree heat wave just fine. 

Q. How do you manage water and dumping tanks when parked for a renovation?

A. Our contract requires our clients to provide water and electric hookups, and we use a portable rolling tank to remove our grey water from the site. We have a Nature’s Head Composting Toilet and do not need a black tank.