You know you're busy when you go to write a blog post...and realize the last time you posted was exactly a month ago. We're so looking forward to summer, once we're both working one job instead of two each. Out of curiosity, I started clocking my weekly hours here at The Modern Caravan, my hours in the Airstream, and my hours as a freelance interior designer and a writer...and there was a week I worked 110 hours! That week included very little sleep, the house was an absolute disaster, and we ordered in food quite a bit...yet I wouldn't trade this for anything. We're doing something we love and are so incredibly passionate about. 

In the past week, we've been wrapping up our current Airstream and readying ourselves for the next. There were lots of little tasks and finishing touches, and while there are still things we'd like to do later on (such as change out all of the window hardware for brand new and craft little finials from walnut), everything is functional, livable, beautiful, and ready for move-in come June. Over the weekend, we knocked out our belly pan install, which only took eight hours and was one of the easier jobs we've tackled - even in the discomfort of being underneath the trailer as the rain blew in sideways. 

In preparation for our next Airstream renovation, I've been choosing appliances with our clients and finalizing design plans while Ellen worked on designing their electrical system. We're having so much fun - and its just further confirmation that we're in exactly the right place, doing meaningful work that we love. 

We are waiting on one final order to arrive tomorrow afternoon (crossing fingers), to install so I can photograph the living/dining space and share the entire space with you all. We're so excited for you guys to see the renovation in its finished entirety, and if time allows, we'll also do a video podcast again with a "walkthrough" tour! We love doing those for you all and have been sad that they've fallen to the back burner with our busy schedule. We are continually reminding ourselves this is just a season, and a short one at that...and we'll be able to tackle more for you guys once we're not doing so much and this site and our community can be given the full attention it deserves. We can't wait! We love you all dearly and are SO grateful for the support and affirmation you give us. Until next time!