The Process of Renovation


We come to you, living on site in the same space as your Caravan as we renovate. This approach allows us to fully immerse ourselves in your project, having a relationship with the Caravan, you and your family, and the location itself. We simply need a place to park our own renovated Airstream, the place we call home and our mobile office, along with an electric and water hookup.

The relationship we have with you is incredibly important to us. The dream to pursue renovating a vintage Caravan starts in a place of vulnerability, raw honesty, and reflection of self and life. Working with us, you'll know that without a doubt, you are in the right hands. We understand this dream - for us, renovating a vintage Airstream was never about a trend, recognition, or popularity. It started when we wanted to make a radical change in our lives, took a risk, worked hard, didn't give up...and it led us to a beautiful life, a life of intention, meaning, and truth. We want nothing more than to give that to others.

So to start our relationship, send us an email. We then set up a face-to-face meeting via Skype to get to know one another. We ask a series of questions and begin a real conversation. Our compatibility is highly important, as we are going to be working with you on an incredibly personal project. After our meeting comes to a close, we'll send you a quote for your project.

After a signed contract and deposit is sent, we work together from afar at first, developing the design elements and ordering supplies until the start date of your project arrives. We'll arrive on site a few days prior to get set up in your city, spend some time with you and your family and friends, and get acclimated before stepping foot in your Caravan for the very first time. Then the work to transform your space begins. 

Projects take anywhere from four to six months, depending on the scope of work. During the week, we will be spending a typical work week in your Caravan, and on the weekends, we will explore your city and the surrounding landscape with curious hearts, integrating the things we learn about you and your homeland into your project.

Full Renovation

Currently, we are only accepting Airstreams for full renovations at this time, as this is within our scope. A full Airstream renovation starts with a complete gut job and rebuild from the ground up, quite literally. It's a comprehensive, exhaustive process that ensures your Airstream will be watertight, safe, and secure for years to come - while providing you with a stunning, functional interior customized just for you. 


We are booked through April 2019. The next available renovation start date is May 2019. We are so sorry we're unable to make concessions for dates, as we are fully committed to our current clients and the integrity of their projects. We are booking rapidly and have a growing wait list for 2019 and 2020, so send in the form below to be added to the wait list. Winter projects must take place in warm climates. 

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