New Leaf, New Branding


We are so excited to share our new branding and website with you all! We started this process back in June, before we hit the road and reached out to the community (you all!) looking for someone who was already familiar with our work, style, and mission. We received dozens of beautiful portfolios and kind emails, and we read and looked through every single one...but when we came across Cassie at New Over, we were smitten. She was our person. She was so kind, thoughtful, joyful, open, and our conversations always veered into friend territory. We weren't just talking business - we were talking life. 

It feels so good (and kind of oddly adult/professional) to have real branding now, branding that is truly reflective of our work and our hearts. This was more than a logo, this was a lesson in who we are, what this work means, and where we are going with it. We dug in deep with Cassie to come up with imagery, graphics, fonts, logo families, tones, colors, textures, and wording that is us. 

We want to share Cassie's words on this beautiful logo she designed for us over the course of the last several months, it was so spot on we couldn't help but share the details of it with you all: 


This custom mark symbolizes a bird's eye view of two Airstreams intersecting...there are always at least two Airstreams for The Modern Caravan: one for living, one for creating in. It is made of lines that are simplistic and streamlined, but also perfectly imperfect. The doors of the Airstreams are hinged open to welcome opportunities and build an honest, open community. The heart shape was implemented to symbolize the love of living a life that inspires, a passion to help others do the same, and to reflect the love of the two women who started this work together. 

We are so thankful for Cassie and all of her tireless work and are looking forward to continuing our relationship as we work on our print items and some other exciting things we have in the works for you all next year! Enjoy the site, and stay tuned for fresh content on the blog - we've got a lot up our sleeves!


Kate & Ellen