Hand Tools

Hand Tools


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Why we love this product:

Versatile. Grab anything and hold on like hell - great for demo and building alike. Fixing a mistake. No toolbox should be without a set - you'll want a couple sizes and the needle nose for sure. 

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Why we love this product: 

Versatility when demolishing the interior of your trailer. Drill a hole in the floor using your hole saw, then grab onto the subfloor with your prybar and pull away from inside the C-channel. Yank cabinetry down in seconds. This one's pretty self-explanatory! It's a bit easier to use than a typical crowbar, and get a couple if you're working as a team.

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Why we love this product: 

While this isn't our exact hand plane (ours is an antique), it is really hand-y (see what we did there?) to have around. Smooth out that wobbly curve your jigsaw couldn't perfect, a drawer that's just not quite fitting, or smooth a surface. We use ours constantly. It is one of our MOST valuable tools and we wonder how we ever renovated without it. 

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Why we love this product: 

Aside from the fact that tin is not aluminum, these work fantastically to cut aluminum and we advise getting the set. We promise, we speak from experience - having the left and right snips are essential to getting a good cut. If you're working on an Airstream or other aluminum trailer, you'll want a set if you're needing to cut into the skin (non-visible lines). 


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