Electrical & Lighting

12V Socket

Versatile and simple, this 12V socket has two USB ports and a port for a small portable inverter. Charge anything and everything off your battery system and stay off-grid longer! 

Fan-Tastic Vent


Acegoo Recessed Boat Lights

Our go-to lighting of choice. DC-powered, you'll have full lighting in your rig, even off-grid. We supplement these with sconces for mood lighting, but aren't needed. 



Delta Trinsic Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

Our favorite, most versatile faucet with pull-down spray nozzle. Clean-lines and patially proportionate for tiny spaces, along with multiple finishes available make this a solid choice.

Delta Trinsic Single-Handle Bar Faucet

Our favorite bathroom faucet to date. Simple and elegant, the elevated spout gives needed room for use in small RV bathroom sinks. Multiple finishes available to suit any style.





Dewalt 5.5 Amp Top Handle Jig Saw

You're gonna need a jig saw if you're renovating an Airstream - it's the only tool for the job when you're cutting those (in)famous curves - subfloor, walls, cabinetry, and furniture.



Dewalt 20V Cordless Drill

The compact size allows for working in tiny spaces, and bonus - the drill can take a beating. We insist on durability during our renovations, especially a multi-use workhorse such as a drill. 

Flexible Steel Curve Template

Trace twice, cut once. This will save you time, frustration, and cuts on allll those curves in your Airstream or other rounded trailer build. Seriously. Trust us on this one. We don’t know how we did so many renovations without it!

Dewalt 10-in Compact Job Site Table Saw

We are all about having the right tool for every job - and when doing a renovation of this magnitude, having a bevy of sawing options is essential in our opinion. We use our table saw for ripping boards with precision and ease. 

Hitachi 15-Amp 7 1/4" Circular Saw

One of those things we went without our first renovation - until we couldn't. A circular saw is so damn versatile, portable, and quick. We use ours for slicing up that birch plywood and crafting cabinetry. We also recommend grabbing a BORA Circular Saw Plate and Straight Edge Guide for straight, true cuts. 


Brad Nailer

We like having Brad around. He's a good guy, pretty handy, and versatile. Though we largely use  pocket screw construction with Kreg, we still love Brad for some builds we do, though Kreg and Brad have quite the rivalry. 

Kreg K4 Pocket Hole System in 5 Sizes and Face Clamp

Game changer for custom cabinetry and furniture builds. 

Dewalt 4 1/2 in. Angle Grinder

If you're interested in a full gut renovation, you're gonna encounter the subfloor removal and rusty chassis - it's inevitable. Make quick work of the removal of those bolts in the C-channel with a cutoff wheel and grind off years of built-up rust with a flapper disc. 


RV Essentials 


30 AMP Power Cord

I mean...if you want to be on-grid and have electricity...this is your guy. The little handle and wrap is a nice bonus. Note this is for 30amp service only, and this would be needed in applications where your electric cord isn't directly wired into your trailer. 

30 Amp Surge Protector

This not-so-little purchase is essential and can literally save your life in situations where there might be power to ground. Ever hear of hot skin? Besides alerting you of power to ground situations, this also protects against power surges. 

Sewer Hose

aka, the Stinky Slinky. 

Aptly named, this works for grey or black tanks and does the dirty work  while looking clean at the dump station. 

Lynx Levelers

Sleeping/eating/living while level? Yes, please. We're big fans. 

Lynx Chocks

Work in conjunction with the leveling blocks. 

RV Water Filter

Yeah...you never really know what campground water has in it. While we don't tend to drink it, we do wash our dishes and bodies in it, and so we always have these handy. 

Drinking Water Hose

Trust us. A regular garden hose isn't gonna make you as happy as this one. Hose water taste is a real thing.



Coconut Fiber Pith/Coir

Bacteria-free coconut pith for the solids bin of your composting toilet. 

Nature's Head Composting Toilet

Go off-grid longer by going compost. No more black tank to empty! 12v fan keeps the solids bin dry, and the liquids tank is easy to remove and empty. Low-maintenance, we've used this toilet in our personal renovations and client projects alike. 

Compost Accelerator

Contains beneficial bacteria cultures that accelerate the natural composting process


The Traveling Kitchen

A roundup of our favorite enamelware dishes. They come in various colors, but we love the classic black and white and even better, these don't break. Yes, you can take your rig down that pot-holed, washboard dirt road to get to that amazing boon docking site! 


Inspiration & Research

Call us old-fashioned, but we love to learn and be inspired by books. The first two were on our shelves long before we began this journey, and the rest have been added bit by bit. There are incredible, hard-working people out there who have so many valuable things to say and teach us. 


The book that we referenced again and again. We thought we'd build a stationary tiny house one day - but we found ourselves building a mobile one! 

While we didn't use these plans directly, we learned a lot about multifunctional, lightweight furniture building in these pages. 

Dee Williams reminds me of Ellen. Or Ellen reminds me of Dee. Either way, Dee's book is poignant and funny and teaching and brilliant and I've read it a few times now. She reminds me it doesn't have to be complicated, life's complicated enough. Simplify, simplify, simplify.

I mean...one of the best books we've ever read. We took turns reading the three sections and discussing them. There's more to living tiny than living tiny...it's got to have reason and purpose. This will remind you why. It did us. 


Okay, so we saw the movie and haven't yet read the book, but we're going to, and soon. The movie was heart-stoppingly beautiful and wrenching and broke us open. 

I mean, we had to buy this one as a follow up to our favorite book, right? I mean, this is us! 

I don't give a shit if you think this book is a cliche one for a traveler to love. It is worth loving. For anyone who has lost everything and fucked up time and again and then willingly put oneself in the face of challenge and heartbreak to heal, this is your book. 

We make a cameo appearance in our pals Natasha and Brett's beautiful book about their personal journey to Airstream living - we inspired them to get an Airstream! A fun, easy read filled with lovely images of a lovely space, N + B chronicle their time spent building and designing their little shiny home, with fun how-tos for the DIYer.