Frequently Asked Questions

our airstreams

1. Is your 1977 Airstream Overlander, "June" for sale or rent? 

Nope! June is our homeWe will not be selling it at any point in the near future. If and when we decide to sell it, we'll list it for sale and you guys will be the first to know! 

2. What about your first Airstream, Louise? Is it for sale or for rent?

We sold Louise, our 1957 Airstream Overlander, in December 2015 to our friend Erin, who turned it into an Airbnb in Olympia, Washington. 

3. Do you have any other Airstreams for sale that I can buy right now? 

No. We are currently only working on one renovation at a time for our clients. Eventually we'd like to start offering this, but not for another few years. Hang in there! We're going as fast as we can. 

4. You purchased a 1961 Bambi once, didn't you? Where did that go?

We bought/rescued that Bambi from rotting under some redwood trees while we were traveling with Louise, our '57 and sold it to our friends, who fixed it up and use it for camping excursions with their four boys. 


1. Why can't I just send you pictures or floor plans and you send me an estimate? Why do we have to 'meet' via Skype first? 

Reading through our process helps answer this question. Our work that we do is our art form - this is our passion. It's important that we connect and then know that we'll work well together, especially because we'll be living in close proximity to one another for the duration of the project. This process is highly personal to us and our clients - we're building out tiny homes. If meeting with us prior to working together isn't important to you, or you don't respect the way we are running our business, then we aren't well suited to work together - and that's okay. 

2. I would love to have you renovate my Airstream, but I don't really have a lot of extra cash right now - but I do have an incredible social media following. Would you be willing to work for exposure / a discounted rate for exposure / for free for exposure? 

Absolutely not. You wouldn't ask your doctor for a discount or a free visit after snapping his/her photo and tagging their practice on Instagram, would you? We'd go so far as to say you'd probably not ask a local contractor with a brick-and-mortar operation for a discount either only to tag them in a couple photos. Us having an online presence doesn't make us any less qualified or less a legit business. Exposure doesn't pay the bills and doesn't put food on the table - and we have a kid and two pets who've gotten used to being fed and taken care of. 

Renovating an Airstream/caravan is labor. Physical, emotional, and mental labor. It's demanding on the body and the mind. It is work, no way around it. What we do for our clients goes beyond the build itself: we spend hours planning, designing, researching, ordering supplies, and having conversations with our clients. To ask us to work for free or for a discounted rate is insulting. It shows us you do not value our work, or us as people. 

3. Why do you charge me to ask questions about my Airstream renovation? You are all about community, so why can't you just give me the information for free? 

We give out a ton of information via Instagram and here on our website, and try to respond to every comment and question on social media as fast as we can. We receive several emails and direct messages per day, and responding to so many amounts to several hours spent replying. We couldn't keep up with all of the requests for personalized info any longer, at the expense of not spending time as a family or working for our clients. We produce as much free content as possible through our social media, blog, project page, and videos to help you guys out, and if you're still looking for personalized answers, that's where the consultations come in! 

4. I asked you to give me your layout and measurements for your Airstream because I have the same model/length. Why didn't you do that?

Design work is layered, involved, complicated, and takes time, effort, and skill. If you are interested in working with us, great! We'd love to work with you. If you're looking for Kate to spend 40+ hours working on a design plan for you at no cost, then ask yourself how you'd feel if your boss decided not pay you for the week but still expected you to work. 

5. How much do you charge to renovate an Airstream? Why can't you just send over a quote real quick? 

There are many factors that go into us giving an accurate quote for our work - it's critical that we meet via Skype or FaceTime to determine these factors. Length, model, type of trailer, whether or not you've purchased a trailer yet, what fixtures and finishes you're interested in, condition of your trailer, the list goes on. Meeting with us first allows us to get to know you, your project, and establishes that you're serious about working with us before we write up a personalized quote.

Cost of renovation & OTHER Q'S ABOUT MONEY

1. How much did you spend on your first renovation? How much did you spend on your second? Will you please break it down for me and send me an itemized list? 

The question we are asked more than any other. We hesitate to give exact numbers, as the numbers we've shared about renovations we've done for ourselves do not include our labor. So here's an important distinction: there are the numbers you'll spend on supplies, the numbers you'll spend on tools, and the numbers you'll spend on labor. When you hire us, you'll spend from two of those categories (labor and supplies). When you renovate on your own, you'll spend from two (tools and supplies). 

2. How much did your truck cost? Did you finance it? 

Head over to your local Toyota (or Ford, or whatever your preference) dealership, test drive a couple trucks, and check out their pricing. It'll vary from state to state, year to year. If you need to finance, it won't be determined by how much we spent or whether or not we financed our vehicle purchase.  


1. I would love to know where you purchased your appliances/pillows/faucets/tile/tea kettle/bedding! I want to get the exact same everything! 

We are working to update our Resources tab as time allows, and we also list/tag things regularly on Instagram to help you out. Just tap on those images if you see something you like! Most of our decor (art, frames, bowls, etc.) are vintage/antique finds. 

2. That looks like the perfect shade of white - what is it? 

It really is! It's Benjamin Moore's Simply White. 

3. Where did you purchase your linen cushions?

They are custom made by both us and Kate's mom using linen from Instalinen, along with down alternative filling and natural foam latex, available on Amazon.  

4. What tools do you use on your renovations?

Check out our Resources tab! We have many of our tools listed and they are available for purchase through Amazon and Vintage Trailer Supply. We do receive a tiny commission from Amazon if you purchase your tools through our links. 


1. Kate, I am planning to use the exact same materials, layout, and/or design as your Airstream(s) - I hope you're not offended!

Yes, this has actually been said, and we'll be honest, it does bother us. 

From Kate: as a designer, it's flattering to have aspects of my work utilized to help others in the planning of their own projects. It's not flattering to have an outright copy of everything that I do and work so hard on used outright, especially when it's uncredited. To do so is stealing someone else's work, no different than plagiarizing a written work, no different than copying a painting or replicating a photograph and calling it your own. I also believe you're doing yourself a disservice in copying work - give yourself some credit for your ability to come up with something unique to you. Copying another artist doesn't make you an artist; copying another designer's designs doesn't make you a designer. 


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