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About Ellen

Ellen works with her hands. She is a maker, a problem-solver. There are few things Ellen can't figure out - and she doesn't give up. Ellen is a ball of energy - a positive, smiling beam of light to all she meets. She is relentless in her pursuit of betterment, learning everything she can and soaking up knowledge like a sponge. An art teacher for the last decade, Ellen taught and walked alongside hundreds of kids as they develop as people and artists. Ellen sees her students as people first and foremost, and believes that the art they create will be more beautiful and have more depth when they are seen and heard and treated as the individual that they are. 

Her wealth of knowledge in the arts is far and wide: she's done and can do it all. From ceramics to sculpting to painting, weaving to woodworking, Ellen's hands and mind create brilliantly. When her students come to her with ideas for art projects, Ellen encourages every method of creating and to use a plethora of media - to think outside the box, that nothing is off limits, and this, along with the way she sees human beings, carries over into the work Ellen does here at The Modern Caravan. 

Ellen has sought after experiences that teach her new techniques of creating and problem-solving. Her desire to learn how to weld led her to choosing a metals sculpting class for her master's work. She utilizes her knowledge of metals work, from plasma cutting to welding, for chassis repair on our Airstream renovations. 

Wanting to learn more about the process of woodworking, Ellen spent time on the Northern California coast working for a sustainable lumber mill and woodworking shop. She worked in every aspect of the process, from salvaging fallen trees and learning how to use an Alaskan mill and both a manual LT40 Wood-Mizer mill and a hydraulic LT40 Wood-Mizer. She later worked in the studio, crafting one-of-a-kind high end furniture pieces alongside the shop's owner and fellow woodworkers and later worked the shop, where raw wood slabs and finished pieces were sold.  Ellen began crafting beautiful bread boards and other small pieces three years ago. These combined experiences, along with her building knowledge, are what make our designs come to life so beautifully here at The Modern Caravan. 

Ellen was also raised with little, and her hardworking folks taught Ellen everything she knows. Her dad was a carpenter for much of his young life, and her mom is an electrical engineer. They instilled an unmatched work ethic in her, and taught her resourcefulness and building skills that she has spent her entire life honing.