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Are you struggling to visualize your space? Have you sketched layout after layout and aren't sure if the plan works for you and/or your family? Do you struggle to make decisions on textures and finishes, but you know what you like? 

If you answered any (or all) of the above, we can help. Kate has designed multiple Airstreams as well as worked with clients on their brick-and-mortar homes to design cohesive, stunning, functional spaces that truly reflect the home's inhabitants. With a strong design and art background, Kate's love and passion for interior spaces is evident in the spaces she designs. 

Kate starts with questions and conversation first, then begins to work visually, utilizing apps such as Pinterest to find commonalities in the client's ideas, photos, interests. From there, she will form three distinct design plans, layouts, or both, for the client to peruse and choose from. 

With this service, clients are given access to Kate via text, email, and Skype to ask questions as their renovation unfolds to ensure the design process is carried out exactly as envisioned, yet allowing for fluidity and problem solving as needs and budgets and timelines unavoidably shift and change. 

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Starting at $1200.


So you've exhausted the Internet, scoured through forums, social media, blogs...and you still have a million questions about your Airstream renovation and just want to get going. With nearly three years of consistent Airstream renovation experience, we want to help. 

Consultations are for the technical questions and can run the gamut from what tools you should buy to demo your subfloor safely, to how to find natural, organic foam and craft custom cushions, to time management or budget advice, or how to plan your wiring. 

Held via Skype, consultations will be with either or both Kate and Ellen and have a duration of one hour in which you can ask as many questions as desired. No guarantees on how many questions will be answered, nor that we'll have an answer for every question. Please be sure to give a general idea of what you're looking to discuss when you submit your message in the form below. 

Starting at $125.

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