It began with a question. 


What if we sold everything, bought a bus, and traveled? 

She answered with one word. YES. And while we never did buy that bus, we did buy an Airstream...and began our love affair with these iconic vintage trailers. In two years, we've owned three Airstreams, traveled around North America, and renovated two of those three beautiful aluminum dwellings. We are now renovating Airstreams for clients, traveling to and living on site with our renovation work. 



We've been best friends for a decade, and after other relationships, a failed marriage, a kid, and much life lived, we fell in love. The first night we talked after many years apart, we knew we had something more than a friendship. In that very first conversation, we both confessed our wanderlust, longing for travel, and desire to live tiny. When we traveled together for the better part of a year, our time on the road just solidified what we already knew in our hearts: we were both meant for each other, and meant for a life outside the norm. A life of adventure, beauty, purpose, simplicity. 



After we gutted and began fully renovating our second Airstream with all new everything, we began to realize that our love for renovating homes on wheels was a growing passion. We wanted to engage with the travel, tiny home, and Airstream/van community on a deeper level. We didn't want to just share photos of our renovation, but felt that our experience could help others beginning their journey to living tiny and/or living on the road. 

What started as a behind-the-scenes Instagram account for our first Airstream renovation has slowly been growing into a entity all it's own. Thus 'The Modern Caravan' was born: an online blog documenting our renovations, stories from other amazing caravan dwellers and renovators, an Airstream advice podcast, and design and renovation services. 



CARAVAN: a vehicle equipped for living in, typically towed by a car and used for vacations.

While our first love will always be the classic vintage Airstream, we've never wanted to limit ourselves. We intially wanted to buy a school bus or vintage motorhome. We've toyed with the idea of renovating a van! Moving forward, the sky is the limit as we pursue projects that feed our creative souls and push our physical limitations. 

MODERN: of or relating to the present or recent times as opposed to the remote past. 

Our chosen aesthetic. Clean, simple, minimal, but more so, we take something dated, often neglected, worn, and broken and transform it into a functional, current, lovely space.